alphabet soup photography

Products and Pricing

Please note payment is due upon ordering your item

we accept cash, check , credit card or can bill via paypal.

Since orders are custom please send me the letter / number of the word or name you are looking spell out and I can send you a sample of how the letters will look together. Please feel free to send a variety of choices. As well as what type or framing you would like.

Traditional Framing w/ Matting

Pricing is based on how many photos it will take to make your name or word. Photos are in black and white of individual letters or objects that look like letters to spell out a name or word. The photographs are set in either a black or white mat and placed in a ready to hang handmade black wooden frame. All pictures are 4 x 6 in size and each frame can hold 3 - 9 letters. The following prices include the photos, mat, glass, and frame. Photos can also be purchased without the matting, glass, and frame for $5.00 each. 

Photos are in a matte finish. Please allow up to

3 weeks for completion

3 photos 74.00 plus tax

4 photos - $84.00 plus tax

5 photos - $94..00 plus tax

6 photos - $104.00 plus tax

7 photos - $114..00 plus tax

8 photos - $124.00 plus tax

9 photos - $134.00 plus tax

Clip Frame

$10.00 per letter

A very modern looking frame. The clip frame

sets your name or word up with a floating illusion.

Please allow up to 2-3 weeks for clip frames

3 photos - $30.00 plus tax

4 photos - $40.00 plus tax

5 photos - $50.00 plus tax

6 photos- $60.00 plus tax

7 photos- $70.00 plus tax

8 photos- $80.00 plus tax

9 -photos - $90.00 plus tax

10 - photos - Not Available

Photo Letter Tiles

A fun way to say an expressive word

or personalize with a first or last name.

2 x3 inch photo letter tiles are $6.00 per letter

letter photos are on masonite tiles

Tile tray free with purchase of 3 or more tiles

Please note not all of

our letters are printed on these tiles

we have selected the most popular.

Look for an astric after the letter number

for letters that are printed on a tile.

Single Letter Photograph

Print Only

2 x 3 - $1.50

4 x 6 - $3.00 plus tax

5 x 7 - $5.00 plust tax

8 x 10 - $10.00 plus tax

11 x 14 - $18.00 plus tax

Matted & Framed

4x6 - N/A

5x7 $24.00 plus tax

8x10 $44.00 plus tax

11x14 - $64.00 plus tax

Single Letter Note Cards

all the same letter blank inside

comes with 12cards and 12 envelopes

12 for $24.00 plus tax